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The Dental Practice Game Changer

Why is “Team Commitment” essential to sustained success in periodontal therapy?

Periodontal Therapy affects the highest % of your patients and receives the highest acceptance rate of all dental procedures treatment planned. (4 segments)

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Turn-key Periodontal Program for the General Dentist

Establishing a structured periodontal therapy program is essential in providing quality care for your patients and for the financial stability of the dental practice.

Dispel the fears commonly associated with implementing a periodontal therapy program. (4 segments)

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Fuel the Dental Hygiene Engine

Learn how to change a stressful and unproductive dental practice.

Periodontal disease is the most under diagnosed and undertreated procedure in dentistry. The structured periodontal therapy program is not a system that teaches you how to market and find new patients. This system empowers you how to identify and educate potential periodontal therapy patients within your existing patient base. (3 segments)

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Retire Your Debt and Retire on Your Terms

Are you worried about financial obligations of the dental practice? Struggling with school debt? Wondering if you’ll be financially able to retire?

Discover how to reverse the effect of lost money and patients on the dental practice and how to significantly lower your overhead. (5 segments)

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