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The Dental Practice Game Changer

Why is “Team Commitment” essential to sustained success in periodontal therapy?

Periodontal Therapy affects the highest % of your patients and receives the highest acceptance rate of all dental procedures treatment planned. (4 segments)

  • Examine what your hygiene schedule is producing vs. what it can be producing
  • Learn the under-utilized codes of periodontal therapy and how to maximize patient benefits
  • Explore how dentistry has depleted its own restorative care
  • Gain systems which enhance quality of patient care
  • Identify how to work far less with reduced stress
  • Discover how periodontal therapy can alter life expectancy
  • Recognize how 3-5 minutes with a periodontal probe can translate into $3-500,000 in production
  • Implement structured periodontal systems to realize increased hygiene profit and accelerate your practice bottom-line
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Turn-key Periodontal Program for the General Dentist

Establishing a structured periodontal therapy program is essential in providing quality care for your patients and for the financial stability of the dental practice.

Dispel the fears commonly associated with implementing a periodontal therapy program. (4 segments)

  • Learn what a prophy is… and is NOT!
  • Recognize how periodontal therapy drives restorative acceptance
  • Learn how to diagnose, treatment plan and establish appropriate fees for each case type
  • Discover the under-utilized codes of periodontal therapy and how to maximize patient benefits
  • Illuminate and eliminate the reasons we allow fear to keep us from implementing new systems
  • Identify how to connect patients’ oral health to overall systemic health, enhancing patient care and treatment acceptance
  • Utilize terminology to avoid pitfalls in treatment plan presentation
  • Unite your team and improve morale while increasing patient involvement and quality of care
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Fuel the Dental Hygiene Engine

Learn how to change a stressful and unproductive dental practice.

Periodontal disease is the most under diagnosed and undertreated procedure in dentistry. The structured periodontal therapy program is not a system that teaches you how to market and find new patients. This system empowers you how to identify and educate potential periodontal therapy patients within your existing patient base. (3 segments)

  • Learn how one periodontal therapy program per day can double your hygiene production
  • Recognize that the bulk of a practice’s income potential is periodontal in nature (not restorative) and is derived from patients ages 45 and up
  • Discover how to identify potential periodontal therapy patients in your existing patient base
  • Gain the verbal skills to help patients understand the importance of investing in their oral health
  • Differentiate between perio therapy and perio maintenance
  • Understand why a prophylaxis does not treat disease
  • Illuminate why dentists are working more hours and still losing money, and how to resolve this
  • Discuss a system that ensures hygienists have sufficient time to provide periodontal therapy procedures
  • See how a periodontal therapy program doubles the practice’s production
  • Learn tips for substantially raising the value of your practice prior to selling it
  • Recognize how to measure the effectiveness of your perio program
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Retire Your Debt and Retire on Your Terms

Are you worried about financial obligations of the dental practice? Struggling with school debt? Wondering if you’ll be financially able to retire?

Discover how to reverse the effect of lost money and patients on the dental practice and how to significantly lower your overhead. (5 segments)

  • Learn the reasons that all dental practices would benefit from a structured periodontal program
  • Understand the “busy-ness” problem in dentistry and how to reverse it
  • Identify the generations that spend the most money in dental practices and why
  • Periodontal disease does not have pain. Learn how this enhances restorative case treatment acceptance.
  • What if there were other options for dental school graduates rather than feeling that corporate dentistry is their only viable option?
  • Learn solutions to resolve the “overwhelm” in your business
  • Why insurance companies are paying more money more often to treat periodontal disease
  • Explore how to generate 5-10 times your present hygiene income
  • Identify why most dentists are not successful at generating an appropriate profit margin
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